Pronounced Ma~sha~ka
[n.] A word from the tsonga language which means relative (s).

A directorial debut for me. As an active participant in Johannesburg (somewhat street) culture I have been collaborating with and following many of my peers over the years. I’ve often found what they do in their respective fields to be interesting, but what I’ve found to be more interesting is getting to know the person outside of their work. Maxaka is essentially about that. It’s about hearing their opinions, experiences and thoughts of how they’ve became, and are still becoming the people we admire. They are also people who I have become somewhat related to through our interest in culture, art and people in Johannesburg. 

In our first Episode of Maxaka PR$DNT HONEY speaks with photographer Kgomotso Neto Tleane about his work, where he’s from, how he came into photography. We get to see a side of him we’re rarely exposed to. Enjoy!

In this weeks episode we feature the amazing, futuristic and most stylish Kabelo Kungwane of Kasiflavour 10 and The Sartists. He gives us an insight on why he’s staying in South Africa to grow Kasiflavour 10, and we learn a bit about his father’s legacy in relation to him.

In this episode we have the ineffable Liziwe Kwanini who gives us an insight about how she became Mamthug, her three personas as well as some perspective on Blackness.

In this episode of Maxaka, Rendani Nemakhavhani aka PR$DNT HONEY sits down with Wanda Lephoto and they talk about how The Honey came about and where she grew up.

In the fifth episode of Maxaka we speak to fashion designer and creative director of self titled fashion brand Wanda Lephoto. We dive into why he temporarily shut down and where his love for fashion and creativity stems from.

In the season finale PR$DNT HONEY speaks with Xzavier Zulu about his journey in advertising, him working for a mogul sports brand and him getting ready to transition from South Africa to Germany.